The mSATA electronic disk adopts the L1610 main control chip, which also has a one-key erase function and physical destruction function; it adopts the mSATA interface, which ensures the secure and high-performance characteristics of SSD products. The user data interface can also be customized with encryption to prevent malicious tampering with data and firmware. NAND FLASH uses high-performance storage particles, supports Windows, Linux, VxWorks, and other operating systems, and can be widely used in hardened computers, industrial control, recorders, video surveillance, and other fields.

Specifications: 128GB,256GB,512GB,1TB



Product Features

Operating temperature: -55℃-85℃


Interface Protocol: SATA III, compatible with SATA II and SATA I

Support hot-swapping

With the key destruction function, all NAND Flash chips can be physically destroyed to ensure that data can not be recovered

Support abnormal log recording, and provide corresponding tools to read out the log, which is convenient for fault tracing, positioning and troubleshooting

Continuous reading speed(MAX) 500MB/s

Continuous writing speed(MAX) 400MB/s

Power supply mode (DC3.3±5%) V