With the development of intelligent and networked vehicles, vehicles need to process and store more video, voice, and other data information, which makes the demand and performance requirements for memory chips for automobiles increase, therefore, the automotive industry is gradually becoming an important market growth area for memory chips.Larger capacityThe hundreds of on-board sensors that self-driving cars will have, of which the cameras alone can generate 20-40Mb of data per second, have a ...



Environmental testingCompared with other applications, transportation systems are often used in complex and harsh environments. Wide high and low temperature changes, dust flying or liquid splashing, etc.Storage Device DurabilityLong-term intensive data reading and writing behaviors require storage devices to have good stability and durability.SolutionsOur storage equipment is equipped with shock/vibration resistance and wide temperature technology to provide highly reliable transportation solut...


Embedded Systems

Different application scenariosEmbedded PCs are found everywhere and embedded PCs are divided into different operating systems and platforms. They are used in vehicles, interactive kiosk machines, factory automation lines, security and surveillance systems, and many other devices.SolutionsOur storage products support Windows, Linux, and other operating systems, adapt to x86, and many other platforms, and can be widely used in industrial and special industrial applications....


Computer service

Office Information Systemstorage device reliabilityOffice information systems not only require powerful servers but also require storage products to classify and store massive amounts of data, which poses a great challenge to the reliability of storage devices.SolutionsOur storage products support 128-8T capacity and provide end-to-end protection, which can effectively improve data reliability. Use hardware to integrate AES2, AES3, and AES4 encryption algorithms to provide highly secure SSD encr...


Automated industry

As an important part of manufacturing, industrial automation is gradually developing from an electromechanical product to a comprehensive product covering multiple disciplines such as computers, communications, and software.environmental differenceFactories are generally located in remote areas of the city, and the environment varies widely. The safety, reliability, and stability of SSDs are the focus of industrial automation.SolutionsThe wide temperature standard supported by our SSD control ch...