CF memory card.

CF memory card

The standard CF card (hereinafter referred to as "CF card") adopts an IDE interface, and the interface jack is installed horizontally, with a compact structure and small size. The power supply voltage is compatible with 3.3V and 5V. To adapt to different working environments, it provides commercial-grade (0℃~+70℃), industrial-grade (-40℃~+85℃), military-grade (-55℃~+90℃), and other temperature grades of product selection. This series of products has excellent environmental adaptability and is suitable for industrial personal computers, industrial computers, network terminals, military fields, etc.

Specifications: 4G,16GB,32GB,64GB



Product Features

Interface Type:IDE

Size: 42.8mm×36.4mm×3.3mm

Power consumption: <1.5W

Capacity: 4GB~64GB

Operating temperature: Provide a variety of temperature grade options for general-purpose (0℃~70℃), industrial (-40℃~85℃), and wide temperature (-55℃~90℃).

Adopt SLC type NAND Flash

Power supply mode (DC3.3±5%) V