CF express Card.

CF express Card

CFexpress card is a high-reliability electronic disk with the characteristics of a compact structure, fast transmission speed, high reliability, strong shock resistance, and low delay. With physical destruction function. NAND FLASH uses high-performance storage particles, supports Windows, Linux, VxWorks, and other operating systems, and can be widely used in hardened computers, industrial control, recorders, video surveillance, and other fields.

Specifications: 318GB,512GB,960GB



Product Features

Standard TypeB Cfexpress card

Operating temperature -55°C~+85°C

Size: 38.5mm×29.6mm×3.8mm

Weight ≤20g

Power consumption ≤4W

Power supply mode (DC3.3±5%)V

Interface type: PCIE3.0X1

Continuous reading speed (AVE) 700MB/s

Continuous writng speed (AVE) 700MB/s

Transmission protocol: NVMe1.4

Storage medium PSLC / ETLC